Distance from the railway station ( Km ):20
Yangzhou Ancient Canal
IntroductionLying just north of the Yangtze River, Yangzhou was a major trade center o­n the
Daming Temple
IntroductionDaming Temple is located o­n a hill slope in the northwestern suburb of Yangzhou
Gaoming Temple
IntroductionGaomin Temple, at the junction of three rivers including the ancient Canal in the so
Slender West Lake
IntroductionSlender West Lake is situated in the northwest suburb of Yangzhou City. It originall
Phoenix 's Island Ecological Ttourist Zone
IntroductionPhoenix 's island ecological tourist zone lies within the boundaries of east sub
IntroductionQionghuaguan is located in Qionghuaguan street, Yangzhou Jiangsu province. Qionghua
Slender West Lake Xintiandi
IntroductionSlender West Lake Xintiandi is the commission sends an organization for the city hal
Xianhe Temple
IntroductionXianhe Temple is the most ancient Mosque temple ever retained I Yangzhou. It was bui
Geyuan Garden
When the bright moon scatters tender light in the Geyuan Garden, those bamboos will throw their
Heyuan Garden
Located at Xuningmen Street of Yangzhou City, Heyuan Garden was named with the family name, “H

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